shaun dakin


I thrive on Privacy and Openness.

I groove on Social Media (I won the Mashable Open Web Award for non profits).

I run a small consulting firm working on issues that are big, important, difficult and can change the world.

For a better world.  For our children and their children.

I like shaking things up.   Change is good.   Change with a purpose.  Change for good.

Interested in incremental change and going with the flow?  That is not what I do.    

Action.  Now.   Action, doing, moving.  #Forward

I am the co-founder of where voters turn the tables on politicians (now closed).

I founded the National Political Do Not Contact Registry and testified at the US Senate on the tragedy of robocalls.

I founded PrivacyCamp , a series of un-conferences on Privacy as well as the top twitter chat on privacy > #Privchat.

I was a Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum.

Photo Credit:  AB Pan Photography

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